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Stay in touch with other guests with GoTenna Mesh, the device creates a private cell network that will provide us with the ability to text and share locations with each other when the signal or poor or non-existent which often happens in Alaska.

Using these devices which last around a day on a single charge will keep you safe.

20 in stock

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Using GoTenna Mesh which connects to your phone via Bluetooth we are able to communicate via a private mesh cell network where we do not relay on any of the carriers own cell network. Devices can communicate over 4 miles in a straight line and shorter when large objects like mountains and valleys are in the way.

It’s a critical device to keep with out in the wilderness, share you location and text (no calls) with each user individually or sent “shout” casts so anyone with a device can communicate back to you. grab a GoTenna Mesh before embarking with us.

Update you GoTenna Mesh before you leave for Alaska to ensure you have all the latest updates and it’s working. We will send it free of delivery charge inside the USA.




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